Rollie & Ann Perkins – Parts Suppliers

The late Rollie and Ann Perkins ran a salvage yard in Britt, IA. Even though the business was not in Kossuth County, feedback over the years from many drivers shows they were a very important part of racing in Algona.

Nearly every year the Kossuth County Racing Hall of Fame committee has received write-in nominations from past inductees saying that Rollie and Ann should be inducted.

One past inductee wrote in saying “These people gave so many people in racing parts and support over the years. Most racers wouldn’t have been able to race [without their support].”

Another time, the same past inductee wrote “They were the greatest sponsors.”

Countless other past inductees have written in the same messages to our committee over the years. Former racer John Pletcher also commented that “They helped everybody. Countless times they helped me with parts and many times never charged me for them. They really helped a lot of people.”