Board of Directors

The museum is governed by a 15-person board of directors and has the support of many volunteers. Our directors include:

Don Heupel, President
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-341-2904 Email:

Ron Lohman, Curator
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-341-1312    Email:

Mark Aaron
Burt, IA
Phone: 515-341-5442 Email: 

Arlen Benschoter
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-341-5753

Lance Christensen
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-361-0330 Email:

Dick Erpelding
LuVerne, IA
Phone:  515-890-7560  Email:

Mitchell Habeger
Burt, IA
Phone: 515-341-3087 Email:

Duane Hannover
Fenton, IA
Phone: 515-889-2288

Kevin Heinen
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-341-5972

Rick Klein
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-320-1441   Email:

Howard Ohmdahl
Algona, IA
Phone: 515-341-0991