Leonard Pesicka Sr. – Driver

99 (1)Leonard Pesicka Sr. began his racing career in 1950 and raced 14 years until retiring from driving in 1964. Pesicka was not choosy in his preferred racing mount, racing either Chevy’s or Ford’s in his career.

Some of the most memorable moments for fans and family of Pesicka are when he raced off of turn one at the Algona racing facility crashed into the chicken coop. Many people familiar with Leonard Pesicka Sr. still share that story to this day.

Another memorable moment occurred when he rolled his car coming out of turn four in Algona and crashed through and took out the announcer’s stand located at the edge of the track.

99 cmopAt one point in his racing career, Pesicka owned two race cars. Dick Crail was driving his second car. One night, while Pesicka was leading the race, Crail passed him. Being the event tempered racer that he was, he took out his second car and ruined both of them.

Its seems each driver is known for something, whether it be car number, car color or a trademark cigar…Pesicka was known for the Grain Belt beer can that was affixed to the top of his race car and through all the wrecks, rollovers, and races that can stayed put.

It was also easy to see in the photographs of his racing career that his family was very much a part of his life and a part of his racing career.