Vic Dicks – Driver

By Chad Meyer

Pilot of one of the most famous modifieds of its era in the Jackson, MN area, Vic Dicks was a formidable competitor across southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. The potent #540 was co-owned by Gene Albers and Loren Woodke, driven by Dicks.

Dicks drove the car to many feature wins. He won the 1965 Jackson Speedway track championship and was the winner of the Clay County Fair race in Spencer, IA the same year.

The top runners from Jackson made frequent trips to the Kossuth Speedway in Algona during the mid-1960’s, including Dicks. He scored several top finishes at the Algona track with his second place run during the 1964 second annual Midwest Modified Championship one of the highest. Dick Forbrook, driving the Utt Electric modified, bested Dicks and all others to earn what he considered one of the biggest wins of his career. Dicks started fourth in the event and was considered the favorite. The hard-charging Forbrook did him one better, racing from eighth to score the win.

In addition to his success at the Jackson and Algona tracks, he was an eight-time winner at the Fairmont Raceway.

He is 2007 Jackson Speedway Hall of Fame inductee.