Daryl Brayton – Promoter

Daryl Brayton operated the racing facility at the Kossuth County Fairgrounds for five years, from 1989 – 1993.

The first year he operated the track, it was still in its smaller configuration, a ¼ mile. Prior to his second year of track operation, Brayton coordinated the reconstruction of this racing facility to its present configuration, measuring 4/10 of a mile in diameter.

Under Brayton’s leadership, the track was known at Fair Street Speedway.

Brayton has always been an individual to quickly give credit to the many businesses and individuals who helped with the reconfiguration. Many people collaborated, including the fair board, local businesses and community members to make this racing facility what it is today.

The person who helped bring them all together was Daryl Brayton. Much of what we have today for a great facility and racing surface was started years ago with a supportive fair board, many supporters and a great leader like Daryl Brayton to help pull it all together.